Helping your Family

Xpost of my comment on a dear abby 28 July post from a kid who is upset that her room is filling up with clothes and dust:

Unloved: Whose clothes are these ?   Is it your stuff, or is your mom using the room for storage of her things or stuff she is planning to sell or give away ?

Either way, it sounds like your mom could use some help with cleaning your room or other household chores !

A good way to get love (or friendship) is to start the ball rolling by offering a bit of the caring and help that you would like to see others share with you.

Talk with your mom and see if she’d like to make a date with you to work together on your room sometime this week, for just an hour or two or maybe just 15 minutes to start.  Also plan to do something together that day you’d both like – a girl’s afternoon – watch a show together, or make lunch, or go for a walk or picnic outside.

If your mom can’t work with you even when you ask nicely, maybe because she’s working all the time, or if she uses drugs or alcohol, or is sick or tired a lot of the time, then talk with other adults in your family and at school to see if they can help find someone to work with you on making your house a better home.

Good luck !


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