Sexual Assault and Justice

I do not believe it’s best to recall the judge in the recent Stanford Assault .  It is important for the health of our society that judges can opt for community service and restorative justice along with lighter sentences whenever possible.

Our entire justice system is way overdue for a major overhaul. The focus has far too long been on revenge and retribution – these are really not the most effective way to help victims become whole again, nor do they help perpetrators instill better options for  interacting with others.

Restorative justice – sentencing actions that focus on repairing any hurt or loss to the victim,  making personal amends to society,  and helping to educate others so they can choose more appropriate ways of meeting their needs and desires.

I believe the primary focus should be on actions which help the victim become whole again, and on how best to improve this for everyone going forward.

I  do not object to people suggesting various options, including suggesting a recall.   But engaging in overwhelming tactics and mudslinging perpetuates the cycles of violence and is taking it too far.



Sexual Assault and Justice

As a survivor of sexual assault, I would like to add to the ongoing conversation about appropriate justice for victims and perpetrators of sexual assault.

The key to healthy relationships is consent.  Mutual, informed, educated, aware, mutually empowered, freely given, consent.

The key to appropriate consent is communication.  Exchanging information. Honoring needs and expectations.  Respecting each other and the social and other relationships we have.

Absent actual communication and full consent,  unhealthy power dynamics and inappropriate expectations can deeply damage the relationship and traumatize its participants.