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One of my favorite sites: http://www.thecoolhunter.net

There’s so many notable ideas, innovations, explorations of color, shape, light, and more in this site,  it’s difficult to pick. . .

For example, here’s one to start with:  http://www.thecoolhunter.net/article/detail/1919/if-its-important-youll-find-a-way.-if-it-isnt-youll-find-an-excuse

The Easel Life

The struggle of an artist to set up an easel, and keep it set up, might be good comic material.

An interesting parallel between art and life – what more do we ultimately need in front of us: Something that holds or supports our work, that which we are creating, and the tools we need at that moment.

Everything else, all that other stuff we are tripping over or working around,  is just an incomplete project, someone else’s project, or clutter.

Our Wings

Our feet are our wings . . .

Like the wings of a bird, our feet are what connects us with the element we propel ourselves through.

They are far more than just a static support, like the widened base of a pillar, used to balance our vertical dimension and keep us from tipping over

They have  bounce to lift us,

And a touch that tells us if what we move through is hot or rough or soft or water

With our feet we dance.