Game Theory

Links:  John Nash’s presentation on Game Theory

Agree with the calculation that the optimum solution is the one which benefits others, and the groups, environment etc . . . Not just seeking benefit to oneself.

This theory was discussed in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”



Fun vs stress

Stress is the opposite of fun

Both are along a curve of activity, of tackling some problem or game.

But if there’s too much stress, the fun can disappear.

I wonder – if there’s too much fun,  can the stress disappear ?


One of my favorite sites:

There’s so many notable ideas, innovations, explorations of color, shape, light, and more in this site,  it’s difficult to pick. . .

For example, here’s one to start with:

The Duck Paradox

Of all the riddles I heard (or told) as a kid, the one I remember best is:

” What’s the difference between a duck ? ”

As some of you know, a frequent answer to this is ” One leg is both the same. ”

What makes this funny ?

Is it true  ?

What answers does one find if contemplated as a Koan ?

When using the duck question in a clown act I used to do, I often added:

So, what do you get when you find two of them ?

You have a paradox [ducks]

Googling, found a surprising quantity of references to it. One writer presents an interesting paper on questions and consciousness, which [spoiler alert] adding to the paradox, also does not answer the duck question: