For the first time in many years, I had fun at the park. There was sunlight and trees with leaves of two colors – velvet and leather green.  A climbing set.  Small sculptures hidden in plain sight.

First thing today we went to the public plaza auction, and stood amid yesterday’s puddles and today’s entrepreneurs to observe and understand as best we could the trustee sale of the house I’ve tried to live in for the last 22 years.

It hasn’t been a home in so long.

I’d long ago passed tired of living with the debt incurred in the name of Freedom.

Yesterday we thought our best hope was to enter bankruptcy.  But the attorney thought my finance situation is too messed up to declare bk. Now that’s messed up.

The next day, now the uncertainty has been identified, marketed, listed, no longer postponed, sold back to the beneficiary – there is a profound freedom.

And unexpectedly I once again know what it is to have fun.  Delicately, cautiously, preciously, as usual sometimes too slowly.

What do I call my friend and more who said quietly on the phone a few days back “would you like me to be there” ?  And then drove from Sunnyvale, leaving a note for his new client saying he’d be back in few days.

There are circles of light in this moment, shining through the steamer at dinner, shining through now.

Thank you everyone : ]


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